“It Ain’t Where Ya From,” It’s Where Ya At – Just Ask Structure (A Beatport Top 10 Celebration and Bonus Free Music)

We’re happy to share that our inked up homie Stephen “Structure” Dunn has broken into the top 10 of Beatport’s highly competitive d&b (drum and bass) chart with his latest powerhouse release on Crescent Records.  There are a lot of things that this two track EP’s title could be referring to in respect to Struc’s life.  Maybe it’s about his relocation from the Boston area to down south in Georgia.  Maybe it’s about his growth from young man to family man.  Maybe it’s about his musical style, from breakbeat and hardhouse to drumstep and d&b.  Maybe it’s about how this consummate DJ made himself into a dual threat as both a well versed producer and turntablist.  Most likely, it’s a combination of all of these – a recognition that decades of dedication have won this artist the right to be content with his current situation, and to justifiably brag about it a little bit.

Let’s get into Structure’s “It Ain’t Where Ya From” itself.  I fully endorse this tune’s branding on SoundCloud as “strucstep.”  Sure, the drums and the bass are all there as they should be, but this one steps just a little too hard for me to think of it as just a pure d&b tune – it straight up reeks of Structure’s signature touches.

Truly, as “It Ain’t Where Ya From” tells us, this particular variety of sound can be done, but only Structure can do it.  While many on the dubstep and edm production scene scoff at and/or take offense to be thought of or called DJ’s, Structure embraces this term.  Years of experience and practice allow this artist to have crafted his own unique sound that is not prepackaged, entirely creative, and indicative of fearless live mixing.  I have yet to come across a Structure tune that feels like it simply fell out of somebodies Mac Book.  Altogether, “It Ain’t Where Ya From” is the prime example of Structure’s mastery of DJ’ing and production and the balance he manages to maintain between the two.  With these two halves meeting to make a incomparable whole, Struc simply leaves everybody else wanting.

Have a listen to this three and a half minute preview of the six minute long original.

Just to keep everybody happy with the free music, here’s Structure’s latest freebie.  Again, try not to notice the originality of these sounds.  You can’t.

Included on this EP is a remix of “It Ain’t Where Ya From” by Kill Paris.  Crazily slowed down and full of attitude, peep on the preview.

I went to go check out more of Paris’ work today.  I was expecting to enjoy what I found, and I wasn’t disappointed at all.  Given the flair for remixing that we’ve already seen, it should be no surprise that his latest, a remix of Lana Del Ray’s “Without You” is equal parts sexy and bad ass.  Luckily for you, it’s also free.  Check it out below.

Of course, the point of all of this is to help push this choice EP to the top spot on the charts.  While the always humble Structure may be content with his work’s current ranking, we are not.  Convinced that this chart-climber’s upward momentum will only continue, we thought we should try and and help this veteran and all around good guy get the respect he deserves.  Drop a couple bucks to pick this up and then go shake some walls down.

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