When L.A.’s ANNuNAKii first made his foray into electronic music production he had already formulated a very specific, unique, and spacey sound.  Now, with over a year of experimentation and face melting under his belt, ANNuNAKii – whose production alias translates to “prince of the gods” from Sumerian – has released his first full length solo EP and has otherwise hit a musical stride that promises continually escalating greatness.  Armed with obscene talent when it comes to composing and programming bass music, ANNu is truly at the forefront of up and coming, ready to take over, little known but big time talents in electronic music.  His description his genre-bending form of music as, “‘Dramatic Cosmic Crunk” is entirely accurate as it is highly emotional, always other worldly, and relocates the dirty south to a comfortable orbit just above the west coast.  Further, ANNu is correct in describing his work as a, “Lazer Battle Between Good and Evil” as it is often a peculiar juxtaposition between the dark, sinister bass of outer space and the angelic, crunked out melodies he so handily creates.

Let’s take a quick look at a pair of tracks from the 9-track free (name your price) EP, Chiaroscuro, and a couple of other recent favorites.

ANNu posted “While You Were Sleeping” to his SoundCloud page the day that Chiaroscuro dropped.  This tune is the first track on this EP and serves as instant motivation to grab a free copy of the rest of this artist’s work.  A thoughtful intro swims in slick percussion licks and samples, progressively building a positive attitude as elements and leads are added.  However, a very atmospheric battle between good and evil is announced at the drop.  “While You Were Sleeping” pits deep, galactic bass against inspiring, occasionally heartbreaking mid and high range sounds.  Smartly arranged, and obviously heartfelt, this track is an easy standout against an EP that is thoroughly impressive from start to finish.  Listen below and try your hardest not to jam exceptionally hard to the latter half of this one.

“Equilibrium” showed up about a month ago and served as the perfect teaser for the then upcoming Chiaroscuro EP.  Although its tearjerking powers are equal to those of “Sleeping,” such an effect is achieved through different means.  While extraterrestrial bass is of course a central figure to this or any ANNuNAKii track, the true centerpiece to “Equilibrium” is an introspective nature and big, passionate leads and melodies.  It may seem like it takes a while for this one to get going, but once it reaches a fever pitch, there is absolutely no looking back.  As pieces are added and melted together it becomes rapidly apparent that ANNu has a lot of things going on at once.  This is dangerous to attempt; if all of these separate elements were not working in unison, ANNu would be left with a jumble of noise as opposed to the highly harmonious, obviously complex outcome heard below.

So far this all that ANNuNAKii has posted up of his EP as singles.  Chiaroscuro is available for free, comes with a hidden track, and includes a pair of classy remixes from Burgle and our buddy Bleep Bloop.  If you feel like listening to rest of the EP, do so below, but be sure to pick up a free download as well as Chiaroscuro -another reference to balancing between light and dark- is truly excellent listening.

The most recent work from ANNu this isn’t album affiliated is a titillating collaboration with the never-failing Sugarpill.  “Daimler” is named for – and likely inspired by – The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou‘s character, Klaus Diamler.  Collaborations don’t get too much better than this; plentiful vibes are to be found throughout.  Severe subs and saucy leads meet brain melting breaks and an all around bass narrative.  Of course, this totally free track also has to be home of one the greatest genres ever invented, “Intergalactic Lazerguided (. Y. ) Bass.”

A couple of months before this was “The Grid” which is included on a still upcoming compilation album.  Though there seems to be a couple of misses included on this compilation, “The Grid” is easily in the winning column.  Percussion, snaps, and claps accompany thick basslines, and bright melodic leads making “The Grid” some of ANNu’s most definitive, “Dramatic Cosmic Crunk” to date.  A close listening will lead one to notice vocal sampling from “6 Underground,” the most well recognized tune from the superb 90s trip hop/downtempo group, Sneaker Pimps.

ANNuNAKii is one of the most originally creative forces emerging on today’s bass music scene.  His free EP, Chiaroscuro, is one of the most enjoyable releases that have dropped so far this year; crazily talented and supported by some of the biggest and best names in electronic music, ANNu is set to take over and we’re glad to have discovered this pseudonymous producer early on.

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