Artist Update - Harvey Johns

It took a lot of willpower, but I eventually removed Harvey Johns’ remix of the Pokemon theme from my phone a couple of months ago.  This week, after finally giving in to temptation and enjoying quite the thorough rock out to some pokestep, I was inspired to camp around Harv’s SoundCloud page for about an hour where further rocking out occurred.  It being some time since we shared the surprisingly not yet well known sounds of Gig Harbor, Washington’s own Harvey Johns, it is quite obviously the time to revisit the subject.

Even though the “Dubshock Remix” got a good amount of looks, the month or so between that and the next upload were tense; I was somewhat worried that Harvey wouldn’t return to the Cloud with any new music.  Eventually, “400″ came around and very effectively left my neck sore and my brains feeling wonderfully whiplashed.  Yes, this may be a bit excessive, but I was genuinely pumped to see new music from the 18 year old and was thoroughly engaged in a song that is mostly house.  Having developed a rather pointed disliked of house music, I think of this as quite the impressive track.  Even more so, one almost has to resent the dubstep bit from emerging in the end for interrupting a prolonged jam session, but in all reality it’s a perfectly ass kicking way to close things off.

400 by Harvey Johns

A couple of months later the next Johns installment offered something of a change of pace.  The author told me of his affinity for classical music, but I had yet to really get much of a taste as to how this inclination would express itself in the much more modern and electronic medium that he seems set on mastering.  In “A Dove’s Ballad,” a much more cerebral piece than what has been posted here yet, Harv dips a toe into these hybridized musical waters.  Take a breath and share a deep thought with this one.

A Dove’s Ballad by Harvey Johns

Now, with more music appearing on a more regular basis (at least for now), Harvey continues to wade around in the experimental.  Tracks like “Reflection” and “Always Raining” – the latter of which I regret overlooking as it is both inventive and categorized perfectly – show that Harvey Johns is still working to concentrate the best of both his worlds into one musical entity.  I am confident that in whatever direction his music takes him, he will always try to maintain this balance and I’m even more sure that he isn’t very far away from owning its particulars.  Still, his recent tune “Tiger & Willow” (the avatar of which leads one to believe that this song is inspired by a pair of cats) proves that, no matter how much influence the classics have on him, Harvey Johns can’t resist melting the occasional face.  An electro-steppy head bobber, this has to be my favorite of his to date – despite it coming in at just under three minutes in length.

Tiger & Willow by Harvey Johns

“Unparalled Adventures” is Harvey John’s latest and it grows on me with every listen.  I realize that I haven’t taken the time to listen to much of anything of the ambient variety recently and that makes this track particularly enjoyable for me.  Further, it is an awesome thing to note that this one is supposedly inspired by Poe’s “The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall.”  Way to have taste in some literature.

Unparalled Adventures by Harvey Johns

All of this artist’s songs are available for free because he isn’t quite big enough to hate his listeners – yet.  Take some tunes and then take some time to check out the rest.

Harvey Johns on SoundCloud