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Kid Dop3 breaks ground with his newest mix tape Busted Chucks. It’s been a work in the making for quite some time now since he dropped his last tape Balance.

It’s 18 tracks of some of the best work I’ve heard from him yet and you can’t deny that the kid has been hard at work. He won’t stop until he gets the recognition he rightfully deserves and he’s been putting in the time and effort necessary to achieve his goals.

This is just one more step toward reaching where he wants to be. I’ve been with him since he started pushing out music to the people last year and he’s done multiple shows at the Webster Underground to expand his reach to those that have never heard him before. By the end of this year, everyone in the state should know who he is. His hard work and dedication deserves that recognition.

Have a listen to Busted Chucks and download yourself a copy for free.


I only just started listening to Riff Raff a few months ago, but every single song I listen to him goes hard. I had to post one of my favorite songs off his latest album Hologram Panda because its been stuck in my head all day. Also, the visual is pretty dope so I have to give the dude credit. Ever since he and Solja Boy stopped working together, Riff Raff has been working hard. His music is making a lot of noise and more and more people are getting to know the man. Don’t be surprised if you see this dude all over place over the course of the next year.


@Rick2thaGatt x @NinoScott – Henny Down

Rick Gatt and Nino Scott get together in their first song together called ‘Henny Down’ off of Nino Scott’s upcoming EP Rebirth. These two work so good together and their sounds are unbelievably compatible. This is definitely not the last we hear of these two on the same track and you’re going to love what you hear. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the Rick Gatt’s new EP dropping soon The Headphone Effect.



Newest video from the bro Jitta on the Track. Video done by Haris Amili and Hunter Lyon. Tatted Up With My State is one of my favorite songs off his mix tape Alphabet Soup and it’s nice to finally see the video. It’s also awesome to see my boy Tim Lockwood rockin out with Jitta in the video cookin up a nice little meal next to the monster truck.


Rick Gatt teams up with his new team for the first time on this chill beat that’s guaranteed to get you feeling the vibe with their new song Illuminated Nights.

When Rick showed me the song about a week ago I knew that it could be something huge if we put it in front of the right people. Every new song that he comes out with shows just how far he has come in such a short time. He’s a wordsmith and he never ceases to amaze me with the things that he comes up with.

Mike Kool and SF compliment him perfectly and its obvious that there is going to be plenty of more dope tracks to come from all of them. Working together or solo, they’ve all got talent and continue to contribute to the growing popularity of music coming out of Connecticut and the North East.

Add the song to your music collection and blast it in your car by downloading it below and keep your eyes open for plenty of new music to come from Rick Gatt and company as summer approaches and we near the release of his new EP #TheHeadphoneEffect.


This is one of the latest videos shot by video producer Zach Zubko for CT Hip Hop artist Fresh.


@Rick2ThaGatt – Talk My Shxt

First off, I would just like to apologize for our blog being so inactive for the last few months. We’ve been going through some changes but everything is back up and running and back to normal so we will be posting on a regular basis. What better way to start it back up with a post pertaining to our main artist Rick Gatt.

If you haven’t heard it yet, it’s been out for about a month but this is the latest song to drop from the Young God, Rick Gatt. People have been wondering what he’s up to since he dropped his mix tape Socially Awkward last May.

Well to answer that question, he’s been blasting the social networks, growing his fan base, and doing shows all over the state of Connecticut and some in New York. He’s also scheduled to go on tour in about a month.

There’s going to be a lot of new stuff come from Rick the Ruler in the next few months and you can catch this song on his upcoming EP, The Headphone Effect. We’ll keep you updated with everything new that he comes out with.


When I first listened to James Joyce, I knew the dude had talent and I’ve been following him ever since.  This is his first music video ever, and if that’s the case you can already imagine what’s to come.

I’ve known White Cheddar since I was about 10 years old and have always respected the music that he and his crew, Full Blast, makes.  The rest of the people in this video, I give big ups to, even though I haven’t really listened to them until now.

Watch this video, leave a comment, and show respect to the talent that the Connecticut Hip Hop scene has to offer.  More and more people just continue to show that there’s a lot of talent here, and the world needs to know about it.


Connecticut’s national guard released aerial pictures of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy today.  Click the image above to see more of the aftermath that took a huge toll on coastal towns of CT.  Our prayers go out to the families affected by this disaster.


Happy Halloween From @LILBTHEBASEDGOD


Happy Halloween from Lil B. He dropped this rare mix tape with 20 new Based tracks in celebration of Halloween and calls it a work of art. Just like every other mix tape that BasedGod has ever released. It’s always a collectible and if you live in Based World, you’re going to want it in your library. I love it. But that goes without saying.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


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