Though Alex Epps (Cyberoptics), who currently resides in Huntington Beach claims to have originally hailed from Memphis, Tennessee, most would have to agree that deep space – possibly Cybertron – is a much more likely birthplace.  While the grungy styles of the dirty south and the plethora of electronic influences found in California play heavily on this artist’s unique array of sounds, most of what Cyberoptics produces is entirely alien and out of this world.  While Cyberoptics’ style has changed fairly substantially since he first blew up with the assistance of Play Me Records, his sub lines have always kicked hard and his bass sounds in general have always oozed an unknown brand otherworldly filth.

It’s been almost a year since the last time Mr. Optics gave out a free tune.  Such a rarity is not to be ignored, especially when the freebie in question is a remix of a classic Liquid Stranger and Excision collab; in a case like this, such an event should be celebrated.  The mechanical madness that made up the original “Get to the Point” is not only left intact, but vastly improved upon.  While the original was primarily a wobbler, the Cyberoptics remix speeds things up drastically and heightens the ambient destruction to be found around the driving LFO.  Most excitingly, the creepy little “Twilight Zone” bits that were only featured at the intro and outro of the LS & Excision original get room to romp throughout the entirety of Cyberoptics remix.  This, my friends, is two of dubstep’s original badmen on steroids.  Cop a dl of Cyberoptics’ “Get to the Point” remix at the following link, as provided by the artist: Hulkshare

Here’s another recent free download from Cyberoptics.  While I have mostly given up on mixes, there a few that I always go for (Smash Gordon and crew’s “Smash Your Fucking Face” series comes to mind as does most of anything from Wubber Stumpper) and ‘Optics’ “Megatron Vomit” series is towards the top of the list.  For a very evil hour’s worth of listening that lands somewhere between dank and and sludgy, grab a copy from mediafire.  This killer track list is not for the faint of heart.

This recent free loving from Cyberoptics made me go back and revisit my favorite release from the dude to date.  Though Cyberoptics’ Harlequin Dreams is only a three track EP and one of those tracks is Cop Dickie’s remix of “Tie Fighter” (which by no means should have won that remix contest) it is a microcosm of excellence and a perfect example of where the young producer’s style currently stands.  Harlequin Dreams debuted on Beatport at the beginning of February, so this micro-review is a little late, but totally worth the share.

“Harlequin Dreams” starts the EP off.  While it is unfortunately short, the track is a thoroughly amazing re envisioning of the sound style that originally brought artists like Datsik to the attention of many.  This one is commanded by a genius sub and a wobbly synth line that is hard to define; there’s lots of sparkly sampling going on in the background too – you can pick out Wall-E vocalizing some amazement if you tune your ears well enough.  The middle track on the EP is “Assimilate.”  Though there is only a clip available for streaming, it gives you an excellent idea of what to expect.  While labeled as “electro house” on Beatport due to its bpm, this one might be better referred to as downtempo, nu-discostep, or “galactic disco” as ‘Optics puts it himself.  However you want to genretize this one, it is incredibly imaginative and is unquestioningly my most preferred Cyberoptics tune yet.  Don’t even try to disagree, because resistance is futile.

Cyberoptics has an album in the works that is now mostly complete.  Set phasers to stoked.

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