One of the longest standing mainstays on Pittsburgh’s production and performance edm scene is Doverspike.  While Justin originally began spinning and creating breaks and breakcore at the start of the century, he transitioned to his more recognizable dubstep, drumstep, and dnb sounds of today midway through 2008.  Though his genre of choice and production style seem to be in a continual state of change, this only means that Doverspike can offer up an incredibly well versed live show and can produce a diverse range of electronic music with an obscene amount of skill.  No two Doverspike productions truly sound alike, but this is only because this artist is thoroughly unafraid of innovation, constantly trying something new, and dedicated to keeping his sound unequivocally fresh.  Not only a DJ and producer, Dover also heads up Pittsburgh’s booking and promotions agency, 1337.  While this artist somewhat jokingly describes himself as, “a bass demon bred from the purest sine wave and a millennium of noise,” don’t let Doverspike fool you into thinking that he can’t cover a full spectrum of sound from the demonic, to the angelic.

Let’s take a look at a couple of recent works from this producer’s extensive and impressive catalog.  Doverspike’s most recent upload is a remix of Niki Minaj’s “Beez In The Trap.”  Though not a fan of this ridiculous MC by any means, it is remixes like this one that make the singer tolerable.  Dover adds some glitching and cutting to Minaj’s vocals, but they otherwise seem to remain untouched.  Disregarding any Minaj influence, this track is entirely impressive by means of a tough beat, thick bass slices, and an impossible to ignore, groovified melody.  Most interestingly, this track is still incomplete.  A consummate perfectionist, Doverspike is known to rework, edit, and remaster his work to achieve maximum effect.  This diligence always seems to pay off, and we all look forward to hearing the full, finished product that the artist has preemptively offered up for free.  Take a listen to some lead and bass synths working in perfect harmony.

*Update* Here’s your free download and the finished version:

Dover’s most recent release was an official remix of “Astronaut” by the always excellent CRIMES!.  It is hard to improve on such a definitive track by such a noteworthy artist, but Doverspike has done so handily.  Though nearly a minute shorter than the original track, the Doverspike remix of “Astronaut” packs a powerful punch.  Again, the vocals are mostly left alone excepting some occasional chopping (and a new breakneck pace), but the rest of the track gets a total rework.  A very spacey intro carries into the body of a tune that manages to maintain an extraterrestrial tone while adding large, mean bass tones.  Balanced by a very clean break and a total change of pace that steals the show in the second half, what appears to the ear as a sped up and aggressive take on a contemporary classic easily becomes the most exciting tune on this three track EP.

German pop group ATC made a brief splash with their debut single “Around the World (La La La La La)” in 2000.  Deciding that the world was not quite done with getting this repetitive piece of Euro-pop nostalgia stuck in their heads, Doverspike recently offered up his revival of this easily recognizable track.  This highly sampled remix is thoroughly addictive.  Bass and lead synths are perfectly on point and are allowed to shine in full during this track’s break; the second drop and final half of the remix make chopped up vocals the main focus and features some new, exciting leads.  Overall, a favorite aspect to this tune is the artists kick and snare infused beat whose hats unfortunately get a little buried in the rest of this track’s impressive sounds.  Rock out to this reinvention of the sounds of the last decade and don’t forget to take a free copy with you.

“Do Math Not Meth” is something a departure from what we’ve showcased so far; not only is it drumstep, but it also a much more evil sounding piece of music from Dov’s more devilish side.  Fitting to the genre perfectly, the central figure on this original tune is Doverspike’s awesome drum arrangement.  While the bass sounds in this one are certainly fierce, the real intensity is transmitted via the artist’s droning, piercing, tyrannosauric leads.  The beat and drum selection change up towards the end, but the overall demented demeanor remains the same.  This auditory barrage is a sharp contrast to the more mainstream sounds seen above, but does a fair of job of displaying just how broad a spectrum of sounds that Doverspike has at his disposal.  Skanking the fuck out to music with a positive message isn’t normal, but on meth it is.  Stay in school and cop a free download of this one.

“Big Shout” is Doverspike’s first foray into the world of downtempo.  His 110 bpm, bass heavy, highly industrial piece of moombahcore is a total attention grabber.  This track starts off with deep bass lines and bright leads but undergoes a complete change halfway through.  Signaled by a slow and low break and build, a total beat and attitude change signal the transition from 110 to dubstep.  While this change is a ton of a fun and varied well enough, it may carry on just a little bit too long; fortunately, Doverspike returns to a moombahton influence towards the very end to cap off this adventurous tune.  Though the description threatens that free downloads will soon be available, we just hope to see this artist make further attempts at this incredibly widespread genre as this song leaves us wanting more Moombahspike.

*Update* Here’s the finished version with free download in tow:

We’ll leave you with Doverspike’s bootlegged alterations to Zeds Dead’s “My Love.”  This smooth grooving free download has secured a place on my mp3 player since it first showed up several months ago.  We encourage you to go check out more of Doverspike’s litany of sounds and styles.  He’s a very talented dude who has shared stages with some of the biggest names in the business and deserves to be included in the conversation as one of the most talented and underappreciated producers around.  Otherwise, catch this freshly booked artist at this summer’s installment of Starscape.

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