Dubstep in Connecticut: Blotcutter

This time on our ongoing series, “Dubstep in Connecticut,” we bring you some fresh sounds from Boltcutter – not to be confused with the English death metal/grind band “Bolt Thrower.”  At only 16 years old this future household name already has a huge leg up on his “peers” who are mostly much older than he is.  In a similar case to Terryville’s Scatz, Riley Bradway (Boltcutter) resides in Moodus, a locale so small that it is deemed a “census-designated place” inside East Haddam.  It truly seems like the hallmark for outstanding dubstep and edm inside Connecticut’s borders is a small town upbringing.  The sky is the limit for this kid, and it should be exciting to watch him continue to hone his skills.  I’m honestly pumped to have found Boltcutter’s music before he inevitably ends up blowing up in a big way; we hope to have the privilege of introducing his work to as many new ears as possible.

In his latest individual upload, Bolcutter teams up with Kris P. Cream -who I haven’t yet taken the time to check out, but I already like from his production alias alone- on the heavy but intelligently arranged “Overdose.”  The most apparent and enjoyable aspect to this one is a fun interchange between classical keys and a subby, dubby LFO.  ”Overdose” functions as a bit of a battle between high and low end sounds by pitting growling bass lines and a driving hi-hat against bubbly, chirping lead sounds.  With lots of layers handily slapped together, this is good listen.

For our first free download from Bolcutter, I’ve decided to share his remix of Canadian vocalist, Lights’ “Siberia.” Remixes of Lights’ music are nothing new, but it’s a rare thing to see an artist take his ego entirely out of the picture and correctly allow this singer’s beautiful voice take center stage.  To my ear, the original vocal track remains totally unaltered on this one.  Allowing Lights to shine (pun somewhat intended) doesn’t mean that Boltcutter’s presence isn’t felt.  With a great beat, some pretty synths, and a wobble that gradually builds in intensity, Bolcutter plays the support role to a tee.

Up next is Boltcutter’s remix of Eminem’s “Not Affraid.”  Not too much to say about this one other than the fact that, as a d&b tune, this one differs from the typical weaponry in this young man’s arsenal.  There’s some really excellent sub bass going on in this one, but you need to cop yourself a free download in order to get the full effect.

Though I shudder at the thought of posting a song by one of the Jonas Brothers, Bolcutter’s work on Joe Jonas’ “Love Slayer” leaves me little choice but to do just that.  I wouldn’t necessarily say that the vocals are downplayed, but they are certainly overpowered by the rest of the track.  With his “yah yoi” talking bass fully on point, some awesome vocal glitching and chopping, and a generally ass kicking attitude, this one functions as “Joe Jonas meets Terminator.” Regarding “Love Slayer,” the artist tells us that , “I finished 98th out of about 500 submissions for the Cambio Music Joe Jonas remix contest, so you guys get this for free!”  Download and give thanks that you didn’t have to suffer the embarrassment of actually paying for a Joe Jonas remix.

While I was typing this up, Boltcutter uploaded a new hour long mix on his SoundCloud.  This certainly made for some decent writing music.  It also proves the dude’s proficiency at mixing and picking out the biggest of the big hits.  He was even nice enough to label everything for those too new to this kind of music to be able to pick these notorious tracks out by ear.  Who’s gonna say no to a free hour’s worth of music?  Certainly not me.

That’s it for now on Boltcutter, but we expect to continue to see big things from him in the future – like his Bass Candy EP that should be getting set to drop any time now from 9G Records.

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