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What do you get when you combine the forces of The Hartford Advocate’s “Best DJ of 2011″ and Connecticut’s premiere up and coming, semi-underground rapper?  Well, no one really knows yet; still, the forthcoming mix tape from the notorious Jitta on the Track and his right hand man, DJ Bent, is guaranteed to receive plenty of interest, even more airtime than they’ve managed to garner on their own, and might be enough to turn these local legends into household names. Either way, this collaboration is certain to make a huge splash and has the potential to bring nationwide attention to Connecticut’s continually growing fascination with electronic dance music. We’ve featured Jitta’s music in the past -and plan to continue doing so mercilessly- so today we’d like to take some time to highlight some of body movers dreamed up by the extraordinarily talented DJ Bent.

Gabriel Gandres emigrated to United States at only 12 years old and somehow landed in West Hartford, Connecticut. At 19 he decided to put his long standing fascination with house and dutch to work. Now better known as DJ Bent, he’s spun all across the state, hitting virtually every noteworthy club and dance floor that CT has to offer. He’s destroyed everything from Up or on the Rocks, Room 960, Palace, and Gotham Citi, to Shish, where he currently holds a weekly residence. If you don’t know Bent from his Friday routine of making people sweat, then you may have been among the thousands of heads who saw him open for DJ Khaled; failing that, you’re very likely to have been one of the tens of thousands who have heard the young upstart interviewed and played out on KISS 95.7 or several other powerhouse radio stations in the region. If you’re one of the unfortunate few who haven’t heard the track that triggered all of this airplay, check out the now notorious, dirty-dutching, “Jersey Shore” infused, “Dirty Little Hamster” below.

Just to be clear, Bent only dabbles in dubstep, so don’t let the title of our ongoing feature series, “Dubstep in Connecticut” confuse you. Under this title we bring our readers a variety of electronic sounds, and this time we’re happy to show off DJ Bent’s unique blend of house, particularly filthy dutch house/dirty dutch, and bass music. Altogether, between his abilities as a live performer and his more recent focus on creating original music, Bent truly stands alone in our little state. Even more, this compelling mix of styles leaves our featured artist in perfect position to take over Connecticut in general. Between Fairfield County’s taste for moombahton, the dance floor desires of New Haven and Hartford, and the new generation of bassheads born in Storrs every semester, DJ Bent has what it takes to please all crowds. To highlight his abilities to drop the bass and his talent for bringing together more mainstream sounds, we’ve included two of the dude’s mashups below. The first combines Flux Pavillion’s infamous “Bass Cannon” with Dev & The Cataracts’ “Bass Down Low;” the second, Bent’s “Big Smile Mashup,” ties together a variety of hits with class.

Let’s get on to the house and dutch that Bent holds so close to his heart. A majority of what DJ Bent creates falls under the category of house or its sub-genres, and all of it is noteworthy, but we’ve taken the time to pick out a couple of exceptional standouts to share with you. First up is a mostly-traditional house tune that still has some dutchy elements. Contrary to every other song of Bent’s that we will post here today, you cannot download this one for free by clicking on the appropriate button in the player. However, that’s only because his “Bingo Players” bootleg is his most popular work to date. Having been played nearly 8000 times and downloaded over 1000 times on SoundCloud alone, the artist decided to move free copies of this overachiever to an external link, which can be found here. Second is a very dutch remix of “Pumped Up Kicks.” Before you listen to and take a free copy of this one, there is an important caveat that you should be aware of – Bent warns us that this remix, “will make you slap your baby mama,” so either prepare for impact or start winding up depending on your respective genitalia. For proof that our boy Woodro isn’t the only dutchmaster in Connecticut, listen below.

Like many producers, DJ Bent has recently discovered an interest in moombahton. His most recent upload is a remix of Dragonette’s “Fixin’ to Thrill” that makes us all eagerly await his next foray into the world of moombahton. It seems that this artist made a very easy crossover from dutch to moombah; as a result, works like this one are a peculiar blend of the best of both these worlds of music. Once again scoring points for originality, Bent’s remix ties together a smooth moombah beat and percussion kit with dutch-style leads that are carried by a fun air raid siren and a vocal track that doesn’t get too cluttered up with extra effects. Regardless of where his musical tastes take him next, this will remain a favorite from DJ Bent for a long time to come. This is a seriously addictive remix that you should be happy to add to your collection for absolutely no charge.

Keep it locked here where you should find more exclusive content from this whole crew in the upcoming future. We here at imgood.info and Lavish Republic are dedicated to bringing the people what they want, so we decided there could be no better way of doing just that than sharing Connecticut’s pick for DJ of the year for 2011. Though the contest that gave DJ Bent that title was created by The Advocate, its results were totally based on poll returns and voting, so when it comes to the 203 and the 860, Bent is truly the peoples’ producer.

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