To be strictly honest, I originally intended to use this first post to highlight some of my favorite songs and artists on SoundCloud, but once I began the process of selecting, I found that this post would either have to be massive in order to make sure that nothing got left out, or would have to be brutally pared down just so it wouldn’t take a whole day to write up. Unfortunately, I lack the kind of patience that make either of those options a possibility, so I said, “fuck it,” and came to a compromise.  I decided to post some songs that were all released between a month and a day ago.  I chose these songs for a few reasons:

  • I really like these songs and have played (or will play) the crap out of them all
  • I like all of these artists and you will most definitely be hearing more from them all
  • They represent a range of listenership, from the few, to the crap load
  • They represent a range of styles/genres/sounds
  • And, as is most important to the reader, they are available fo’ free.

Tommy Lee and Figure – Pounds of Blood

  Tommy Lee and Figure – Pounds of Blood (Original Mix) by

For the most part I’m going to try and avoid posting music that already has a strong following to it.  Of course, avoiding the big names entirely will be impossible, but I give precedence to the little guy whenever I can.  That being said, I have to kick things off with Tommy Lee and Figure’s “Pounds of Blood.”  If you’re a fan of dubstep and you don’t know who Figure is yet you’re living under a rock; if you don’t know who Tommy Lee is, then you were probably hit in the head with a rock sometime towards the end of the 70s, and I should thank you for visiting this page so soon after getting out of your coma.  I enjoy some of Figure’s other work more than this one, (Red Raider!) but I wanted to share this track because I think its awesome that Tommy Lee is into dubstep and is smart enough to ally himself with such a talented individual as Josh Gard of Indiana (Figure).  Even more so, this is an excellent piece of production and an excellent piece of drumming; when real musicians make or contribute to electronic music it always turns out pretty B.A., and this is a prime example.

Find the download in the player itself!  Just click on the little download arrow you stooge!

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Stevie Wonder – Superstition (Gooffee Remix)

Stevie Wonder – Superstition (Gooffee Remix) by gooffee

I like the fact that I’m posting this song because I was fairly sure I wouldn’t ever post anything of the sort.  Thus far, it has been very difficult for me to enjoy any moombahton that I’ve heard – I don’t really get everyone’s fascination with it.  This remix of a classic is one the few moombah tunes that I’ve honestly really liked so far; still, to avoid upsetting any purists, I am well aware that is not the best example of  what most think of as moombahton.  Genres are fucking stupid anyway.  The point here is that this danceable little piece from Gooffee – a duo of the coolest producers in Toronto – is a fun listen.  I really like a lot of these guys’ works, so you will be seeing a bunch more Gooffee in the future.  If moombah isn’t quite your taste either, don’t worry, their library is as diverse as it is groovy.

The guys in Gooffee were kind enough to send me an advance free song from their free album that drops on Sept. 16, watch out for it!

Again, the download is found in the SoundCloud player, if the guys put an external link I will include it here.

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4TrakZ – When We Kiss (Ultra Edit)

  When We Kiss (Ultra Edit) by 4TrakZ>

First off, this is the way the artist titled this song. Just so you know, this track is a remix of a song (“Telekinesis”) by a band called The Parents.  4TrakZ is someone who I just discovered recently and I don’t yet know much about him – thus far I’m hit or miss with his music, but what I like I enjoy strongly.  All I know is that I have played this tune continually since hearing it for the first time.  It’s hard for me to even describe why I like it so much, but I can say that the punk feel of the song compliments my more metallic music tastes very well.  My friend (the notorious) Scoon says, “Its the bassline, dude.  The bassline,” but don’t take his word for it, listen and decide for yourself why this song kicks your ass.

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Rebel – Creeptown – Kurk Kokane feat K.i.k.i


My biggest motivation for including this track in this post is the sheer amount of times I have played it over.  I’m pretty sure this is the oldest song included in this post and I’m also pretty sure I’ve listened to it at least once a day since it arrived 30 days ago.  This is only surprising for one reason – I’m not the biggest drum and bass fan there is.  I find most well produced D&B enjoyable, but it rarely blows me away like “Rebel” has.  Kurk has a few things going for him, he has one of the coolest production aliases ever, he’s Australian, and he puts out a lot of awesome tunes which are often free.  He also put together an amazing two hour mix for Play Me Records that I’m sure I will be adding to this page.  To be fair, the vocals are K.i.k.i.’s and this song is a collaboration with Creeptown.  I haven’t yet made it to Creeptown’s page to check him out, but it looks more than promising.

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Sloppy Joe – Galaga Remix

Sloppy Joe – Galaga Remix [Free DL in Description]> by Sloppy Joe [Dubstep]

“Sloppy” Joe Gonzalez from Houston has by far been the nicest and most approachable person I have come across on SoundCloud.  Joe is an extremely friendly guy who seems content with little more than creating and sharing his music.  I give him much respect for his healthy diet of video games, cartoons, and bass, especially since we are both long time metalheads.  Finding that his uniquely inspired brand of music didn’t quite fit any label around, he set out with a band of artists from around the world to found Digital Destruction Records.  This is a nice guy who produces big tunes; based solely on his attitude and his drive to create and be heard, Sloppy Joe’s music will always have a home at

The track you find here, “Galaga,” is supposed to be the first cut from an EP of game theme song remixes.  Even more l33t than that is the fact I, Duane McgillicuttyJones Brett, contributed to this song with the idea of how the drop should sound.  I thank Joe for listening to my horribly uninformed advice and hope that you all enjoy that heavy slap of bass that occurs when your ship explodes following a bombing pass from those evil alien bastards.

Get your free copy of “Galaga” from the Digital Destruction Records SoundCloud page!

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Bats ft/Mc Jumanji – 3AM Skank

Bats ft/Mc Jumanji – 3AM Skank by BATS (Official)

Bats (aka Ryan Daniel and formerly known as Batstep) hails from Miami and I first decided he was the shit after listening to his “Nocturnal Frequencies Mix” which features a load of good tunes and a bunch of clips from Dark Knight that he cut up himself.  Mr.  Bats seems to be finding a pretty decent following, and his music seems to be getting a good amount of online support.  Still, this is a talented dude who deserves more listens and follows than he already has, so imgood has no problem with jumping on the batswagon.  This track features MC Jumanji (yes, that is one cool as fuck name) on vocals, and when matched with Bats’ production nearly seven and half minutes of skanking sexiness is the result.  Stay tuned here for more from Bats in the future.

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Pericles – A Light in the Dark

A Light in the Dark by PERICLES

Its very difficult for me to choose a favorite from this artist, but this is probably it.  Pericles is a mysterious, pseudonymous, and amazingly creative producer.  His songs usually fall into the self defined genre of “Ancient Desert.”  As his description on SoundCloud and his tracks might tell you, these sounds are further towards the experimental dimension than you may be comfortable with.  However, I say screw your comfort as I find most of what Pericles puts down to be at least a challenging of conventions and at most to be pure genius.  This is one of those genius tracks, but I find it works best with an altered/open state of mind and total darkness.  Close your eyes and surf your brain to this one.

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Liberal President – Magical Mexico

Magical Mexico by Liberal President

To close out opening night, I present to you a Mr. Cruz Wootten, whose alias and profile picture shocked me into thinking Barack Obama was following me on SoundCloud not too long ago.  The Prez hasn’t been making this kind of music for long, but he has some great talent around him and he has already been knocking my socks clean off.  I’m not entirely positive why, but I have replayed Liberal President’s “Magical Mexico” more than any other song recently added to my collection.  For me this tune is fun due to the vocals provided by Barry and seriously bad ass due to the thick bass and that crazy screeching noise.  My favorite part of the song is towards the beginning however, when Barack tells us of his grandfather’s,  “tin roof shaaack…tin-tin-tin-tin roof shack,” that shit not only cracks me up, but I can’t help but sing along with Barack every time.  Like all the artists posted here today, expect to find more from Liberal President at

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