Fresh has been featured on ImGood multiple times now and this time it’s a little different than before. Fresh is now officially part of the Lavish Republic team and has put all his video production in the hands of our cameraman, Zach Zubko.

Zach and his company, ZDubs Productions, is an intricate part to the growth of Fresh as an artist in the eyes of the people. In my opinion, you couldn’t pick a better person to put faith in to create and produce your visuals. His work is few and far between and will only continue to get better, especially with the people he is working for now on 5th Avenue in New York. Zach currently puts together commercials and TV shows for Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, and other big name TV stations.

With the help of the creative genius inside ZDubs Productions, Fresh came up with a new idea called #FreshFridays where he will drop a different music video, commercial, song, etc. every Friday for the next few months.

I’ve seen this a few times with a couple different artists such as Mod Sun who did #ModSundays and another artist that I met when our company first started named Malz who did #MalzMondays and eventually made a mix tape out of it. That’s how he grabbed my attention and I feel like this is going to get Fresh the same kind of hype and attention.

We will see how the whole thing pans out but for now watch the first of many #FreshFriday videos. I see things starting to really open up for him and his music. Big ups to the homie Fresh and shouts out to my brother ZDubs for putting together yet another masterpiece.