Gritlock - Some Free Music to Make Your Ears Bleed

Once again, I have to admit to entering into a bit of a malaise with the edm world.  Again, I find that I have become consumed with all things melodic (and the shameful, shameful moombahton) as opposed to the more balls out sounds that initially interested me in dubstep and made the transition from metalhead to basshead so easy.  So, I have to be thankful that there are a few people out there on the interwebs who are kind enough to recommend music to me and remind me that it is quite refreshing to get your ass kicked every once in a while.

On to the producers who will be providing today’s ass kicking.  Gritlock is Jason and Richie, a duo of, “level 85 wobble wizards” hailing from San Fran.  Judging from their bio, the only ting that these dudes take seriously is their music.  That being the case, I will spare them my over the top, amateurish praise and get straight into the music.  As you will gather from “Mech Warplanet,” their most recent full length upload, some adjectives that would accurately describe the works of Gritlock are: robotic, mechanical, bassy, loud, and apocalyptic.  ”Warplanet” features some pretty mental LFO action, an absolutely piercing drill sound, and enough tempo variations to keep this nearly five minute long description of futuristic warfare fresh all the way through.  Best of all, you can nab yourself a free download right in the player.

Up next we have “.02″ which may not be very imaginably named but is still insanely potent.  Some “squeaky hinge” acoustic sounds and light vocal sampling add a little character to a tune that is otherwise dominated by wobble wizardry.  My favorite element to this one is the drum kit that gets pretty wild toward the end.  Work on this particular post started a couple of days ago, when “.02″ was still online as a WIP.  Since that time, the guys have reached the necessary 300 “likes”on their Facebook fanpage to unlock free downloads of the now finished product.  We were also treated to some exciting bonus news when Gritlock meet their goal, it seems that the guys will soon have their first EP released via Dirty Records.  Congrats, and we’re sure to be keeping a eye out for that one. Take a listen to “.02″ and throw a couple more “likes” in the direction of the Bay Area.

Finally, have a listen to “Ultrakill” which one would assume was inspired by Unreal Tournament, especially given the sampling.  Not as purely mechanized as  the other tracks I’ve shared, this one shows more variety, particularly on the synth level.  Equal in aggression to the rest of the Gritlock catalog, one commenter correctly points out that the melody kinda reminds one of the infamous “Bass Cannon.”  The big difference is that the piercing droning sounds put forth by these two madmen don’t just get stuck in your head, they tear right through it. Maybe the guys in Gritlock will take on the elusive m-m-m-monster kill next.  Experience the auditory equivalent of decapitation below, and don’t forget to grab yourself a free download.

What impresses me most about these guys is that it doesn’t seem like they’ve been at this project for very long at all, but still have managed to form a very precise, destructive sound.  Look for more from Gritlock here as they continue to gradually blow up and be sure you go take a look at the rest of their music.

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