Grizzly bears or some shit

This post will be relatively short for the simple reason that we are absolutely positive that we will be sharing more from Grizzly J.  Santa Cruz local Greg Jones is set to blow up the bass music scene in 2012, and we couldn’t be more pleased to share his music with you as we have been predicting such an explosion for some time now.

Though it is difficult to remember exactly when I started following J, I know it was sometime around “Kicksville” or “Babylon.”  This was not necessarily because these tunes blew one away, but because they exhibited a ton of potential for a wealth of toe tappings and head noddings yet to come.  When “Stardust” (particularly the later half) came around I knew that the Grizzly-one had hit his stride and was never going to look back.  No matter what direction his productions take in the future, this will always be the favorite  – therefore, it was quite the pleasant surprise to see this track suddenly come up for free.  Take a trip down memory lane, or experience this one for the first time.

STARDUST (re-upped for download by GRIZZLY J

As SoundCloud says this song is now eight months old, it seems only fair to share some of Grizzly J’s newer work.  “Totoro,” is an amazing culmination of an impressive growth in both sound and style, enough to make this tune worthy of a post of its own.  Though it is quite the imaginative and creative interpretation – again, enough to make the track stand on its own, even without being able to appreciate the awesomeness of  My Neighbor Totoro – it deserves a caveat in that “Totoro” is already five months old itself.  The point being, you need to take some time to check out J for yourself to get the best idea of where his head is at nowadays.  Have fun jamming out for the next few minutes and follow the link below the player to get yourself a personal copy.


Free download of Totoro via mediafire right here!

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