Guttstar - Some Recent Winners

About a week ago, I once again took up the terribly monotonous task of trying to put my horribly disorganized music library into order.  In the midst of cursing out a series of computer and hard drive failures (and SoundCloud) for allowing things to become as scattered as they are, I came across a discovery that put me at ease.  Some very basic mislabeling lead me to lose and kind of forget about some music that I was originally very stoked on acquiring.  I’m speaking of Guttstar’s four track, free EP Catch A Drift.  Though the tunes contained in that EP premiered in July of 2011 they have easily withstood this brief test of time.  Finding that Catch A Drift is still undeniably fresh, it has been (re)added to my mp3 player where it should remain for some time.

For the most part, everybody seems to claim “Sync” as their favorite track from this free release.  It is pretty hard to deny the groovability of electro leads played against warm strings; with an untold amount of layers working in unison to produce a song that is both melodic and bass heavy, this is certainly the largest standout from Catch A Drift.  Having said that, I have to concede that I find it a very equal three way tie between the remaining songs on the EP for second place.  So, in the interest of sharing some excellence I choose to also include “Wow in the Now” directly after “Sync.”  If you’re curious to hear the other two tracks, you’re just gonna have to take Matt “Guttstar” Gutt up on his offer to download the entire EP for free.

Guttstar’s style is wedged somewhere between glitch hop, dubstep, and future bass, and perhaps no tune of his does a better job of exemplifying his particular steez than his contribution to SubSynthesis’ Bass From Above Volume 2 compilation.  Including “Vapors” here not only gives me a chance to share one of the sharpest standouts from this charitable release, but it also give me chance to strongly recommend that you grab a copy BFA 2.  As far as “Vapors” itself goes, notice Gutt’s synths and bass sounds which are more or less his signature; though his creations are purposely diverse, these tend to stay fairly constant.

The purpose of sharing all of this older music is to celebrate my excitement at seeing new music from Guttstar appear on the web for the first time after a break of several months.  With “Waking,” Guttstar whets our appetite for his next EP, Viewfinder, which should see the light of day sometime in March, courtesy of Mal Label.  There are some very funky overtones to this one, and the bpm sits solid at 170, but otherwise, this is typical Guttstar through and through.  Expect to see more 170 bpm bangers coming out the Gutt camp on Viewfinder which we can already assure you is up to the Guttstar standard.

Mr. Gutt puts forth a veritable boatload of excellent music, and he hands out a good portion of it for free, so take the time to check out the rest that this artist has to offer.

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