Guttstar - ViewfinderIt wasn’t that long ago that we shared some of Matt “Guttstar” Gutt’s recent work with you, the reader.  Last time, we included a couple of tracks from Gutt’s second EP release of 2011, Catch a Drift.  For this go around, we’re going to talk a little bit about Guttstar’s first release of 2012 – his Viewfinder EP that dropped this week, March 13th, on MalLabel Music.  However, the year is still young and only time will tell what else Guttstar has in store for fans of purple-infused bass hits and crunchified beats (though he’s already hinted at several more tunes to emerge this month and some freebies to appear in April).  Though Gutt has recently relocated to drizzly Oregon, he has spent most of his life and career holding things down on the east coast.  In fact, Guttstar even held a long term residence right down the street in Marlborough, Connecticut.  With his head out West and his roots firmly founded in the East, appreciators of local music on either coast have found a new champion in Guttstar.

Once again dropping four tracks of bass dipped, future driven, purple mountains of majesty, Guttstar continues to push the borders of bass music with Viewfinder.  It isn’t quite fair to brand the tunes included below purely as “glitch hop” or “dubstep” since they fall into a comfortable niche somewhere in between.  Let’s go through Viewfinder in order of the track listing.

The EP opens up with “The Rocks.”  Thoroughly layered and intelligently simplistic, Guttstar lets his mastery of all things synthesized shine.  Warm, groovy bass lines and tough, chilly beats set the tone for the rest of the EP.  Prepare your ears for a charming change of pace with the second track, “Waking.”  Though adventurous and stuffed with enough variety to carry at least two more tracks, this tune fits the Guttstar repertoire with ease.  By no means is it a slight to brand this track as a re-envisioning of the Guttstar sound and style that we all have come to love.

Third in this foursome is the EP’s longest tune, “Silk” that keeps things going at the 170 bpm mark.  From bleeps to beats, this one is appropriately titled as decadent smoothness is the name of the game.  The percussion really shines in the latter half of this Viewfinder standout; Guttstar’s lead sounds, bass lines, and every melody to found in between are truly silky smooth.  “Gorge” finishes this powerful release off in style.  Equal parts thought provoker and head nodder, this tune functions as the perfect accompaniment to either stargazing or partying.  With “Gorge,” Guttstar leaves us with another one of his signature beats and unforgettable bass bombs.  What a perfect way to end an EP that is chock full of artistry and ingenuity.

There you have it, our compact review of Guttstar’s Viewfinder, an out of this world look at space with the bass to match.  If you’ve been searching for a producer whose music is both cerebral and can inspire movement on the dance floor, look no further.  Be sure to pick up a copy of Viewfinder, a Beatport exclusive from MalLabel music, today.

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