It’s another big win for Italy today as they won yet another game that everyone thought they weren’t going to win.  That’s how we seem to like it these days and that’s a good thing as we come into Sunday’s game against Spain, the best team in the world.

Spain won the last Eurocup and they also won the World Cup.  There is absolutely no doubt that they are the most dominating team in the world.  That’s good for them because Azzurri fears nothing and they have proved it in the last 2 games as they took down a veteran English squad in PK’s and embarrassed a German team that everybody thought was going to win the whole tournament.

Mario Balotelli saw it differently.  His 2 goals in the first half of play shut the Germans down early and left them playing catchup for the entire game.  For a team like Germany to come in as the front runner, they were made to look tired, timid, and weak.  And Balotelli did that all on his own.  He changed the game and beat them and now the Italian team is only 90 minutes away from a UEFA EUROcup title.

The title will have to be earned in a rematch of the Group C game that Spain just barely survived.  The game is Sunday at 2 PM and all of Italy and Spain will be tuned in to see who will walk away with the trophy.

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