I’ve known Kfree for about a year now.  I kind of just came across Kfree randomly one day while I was checking out LILBTHEBASEDGOD’S Facebook page.  He had posted a video and I decided to check it out.  That video was the one that you see above and to say the least I thought it was a good song and the video was pretty good too.

I decided to add Kfree as a friend on Facebook and liked his artist page too.  As time went by he posted more videos and music and came out with a mix tape.  I ended up clicking the links, because that’s what I do, and check those out too.  I started to catch on to his style and became a fan of his music.  I also liked the hard work and effort that he put into making his music.

From the beats to the vocals to the lyrical aspect of his music, Kfree is a well rounded artist.  I give him a lot of credit and the only thing his music is missing is the people to pay attention to it more.  These videos only have  1,000 to 5,000 views and in my opinion could have between 10,000 and 25,000 if more people start to see what Kfree has to offer.



It’s obvious by listening to Kfree’s music that he has his own unique style.  This part of his style is what will drive a lot of people to really like his music.  As you listen through his mix tape “M.A.D.E.” you will see just how versatile and smooth Kfree is with his rap.

He’s witty and doesn’t just use metaphors or based lyrics, he just seems to be having fun when he records.  You can see how much he loves doing what he does when you watch the video.  His music is a part of him.  He’s self-made and its what he’s been trying to do.  I respect someone that follows their dreams and does whatever it takes to get there.  That’s what Lavish Republic is all about.



If you ask me, I think that Kfree has a very bright future ahead of him.  His music can reach a lot of people especially with the viral ability that the Internet has to offer.  We want to give him that chance to get his music to the people that want to hear it and will respect it.  He represents his label Above the Money (ATM) in every facet of his work.  That’s what you gotta do when trying to make it in the rap game today.

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We know that our supporters pay attention and check out the new artists that we post about.  We also know that you share it with your friends and let them find out about new music.  We are very happy that you have all helped us do what we have done so far and are very excited to see just how big we can get.

This is why we will be posting about Kfree more often and will give him his own featured music section to profile his music if you show him support.  He has a lot of songs with other artists on his mix tape.  He’s good with working with other artists and you’ll get a really good feel for his music and style when you listen to the mix tape which you can download by following this link.

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