Anyone who knows who Kid Dop3 is has been waiting for this project to drop for months. I’ve known one of Connecticut’s newest artists in this kid since March and his Balance project is one of the first things he told me about.

I now see why he was so hyped on this. If you listened to any of his older work, you see nothing but a huge progression. This is what I love about this kid, every single time you listen to him he has a different style. I haven’t heard one track that sounds the same as another. The versatility he shows is why I support him so heavily.

Once you listen to the mix tape all the way through you will see what I am talking about. Don’t forget to listen to him shout us out in the first song! I would write that.

It has been nothing but an awesome summer for CT hip-hop. So many mix tapes have dropped in the last few months and this one just made the list that much stronger. Quick re-cap on what’s dropped: Fresh Fuck Fame EP, Rick Gatt Socially Awkward, and now Kid Dop3 drops Balance. This list will be completed when Jitta on the Track drops Alphabet Soup in the next few weeks.

This kid and the rest of the artists above, along with a few others that Lavish Republic has been working with are going to put Connecticut on the map. They are all putting their own piece to give CT a sound when it comes to hip-hop. There isn’t a defined “sound” for our state, and Balance paints a picture for you showing you how there is no definition. Everyone is different.

Kid Dop3 shows you that even one artist can be different in each song. He truly shows balance throughout, shifting styles in each song. Even the mixing and layout of the tracks is done to perfection. The final rating on this project, based on all the things we talk about in this post, is a 5 out 5. Good work brother.