Kid Dop3 dropped his first video called “Pack Em Up” off of his new mix tape Balance dropping July 10.

Today he let everyone get a look at what the mix tape cover is going to look like.

You already know Kid Dop3 doing big things since he dropped his last mix tape Dose of Dop3ness 2 and here’s your second look at something from his heavily anticipated follow-up in Balance.

It drops next Tuesday on July 10 and after seeing this video, you know what’s coming. His style is completely different than what we’ve seen with anything he’s done to date. And that’s exactly why I feel like this is about to take him to a whole different level.

I can’t wait to get a taste of seeing him live on Friday as it’s about to be an awesome party to get even more hype for Balance. He’s doing his thing and still working hard even if his Wichetty Grubs, which Dop3 is rocking their WG logo in the video, counterpart and camera man Kevin Tolderland being in Colorado for the Summer.

We’re living this life and supporting these guys 100%. This Summer has been crazy so far and its not stopping anytime soon.

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