BasedGod said he was working with the biggest artist in the world right now.  You had to take a second and think that it could possibly be Drake.  Drake’s accomplished a lot in the last 2 years, probably more than anyone else has.  It makes a lot of sense because Lil B is starting to do the same kind of thing.

BasedGod didn’t give too much detail about the whole collaboration but he did say that it is going down.  I give him credit because its a huge move for him.  He’ll be working with exactly who he said he was going to work with.  Drake is definitely the most popular artist in hip hop right now.  Everybody knows who he is.

This summer looks to be really big for a lot of different people and BasedWorld seems to have a big change coming its way, but you know how Lil B is.  I hope he goes crazy like the Lil Wayne song and gets something crazy out there.  But it might be something bigger than that.  I really feel like this is the rarest event yet and can’t wait to see what happens next.