Mellowdrone - Orange Marmalade (cloud-d Remix)

Though I do very much love New England, I continually find myself wishing I was in Colorado.  This is a state that seriously has the right mentality (Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol) especially when it comes to music.  My relationship with all things edm is a few years deep, and I am continually impressed with the diversity and power behind the sounds that emerge from the dubstep, glitch, and bass music scenes of the Centennial State.  This time, I bring you a small offering from Jon “cloud-d” Black who represents Denver and stands on the cutting edge of bass driven glitch hop.

The cloud-d collection of tunes is large and continually expanding.  While I can’t say that I fall in love with everything he creates, I couldn’t honestly say that about anybody.  I do however very honestly love to see new music from cloud-d show up on SoundCloud because I know I’m going to be treated to something extra fresh and original every single time.  This is an artist that I am eternally pleased to have come across; when a cloud-d song strikes a chord with me it tends to stick in my mind and stick around my mp3 player for months at a time.  With his latest upload, a remix of Mellodrone’s “Orange Marmalade,” the dude has totally outdone himself.  By tying together a much tighter melody than we usually see from cloud-d with the futuristic glitches and slaps we’ve all come to expect -in addition to stomping the bass, particularly in the latter half- this artist has come up with an easy favorite that I’m thinking is certainly one of his best creations to date.  You can’t get your hands on this one yet, but you can replay the shit out it (as I have been) in the player below.

Curious what the last cloud-d tune to “strike a chord with me” was?  Check it out below; it may be a couple months old and still unmastered, but it is still a topnotch tearjerker nonetheless.

If you want to check out something from cloud-d’s more bad ass side, take a listen to his remix of “Rack City,” which I would have included here in player form, but embedding happens to be disabled on this one.  I also notice that I missed the favorite button on this remix.  Shameful.  In any event, “Light the Skies” and “Rack City” are available for free download, as is almost everything up on this artist’s page.

If you think that remixes are all that cloud-d has to offer, you’re making a serious mistake.  Make sure you take some time to listen to this guy’s arsenal of originals.

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