Slim Thugz & Billy Blacklight AKA DA CLIQUE – Sacred Swag

Slim Thugz & Billy Blacklight AKA DA CLIQUE – Sacred Swag by Profresher

I knew I would be sharing Profresher/Billy Blacklight’s music here at some point, but I didn’t know when I would get the chance.  Luckily for me, and especially for you, a Profresher upload – and one of the best ever at that – came along just in time to fit this week’s weekend recap.  I can’t point to a single point or element of this song or of this artist’s discography as the thing that makes it so remarkable in the world of electronic music to me; really, I find Profresher’s music incredibly unique and so well polished that it’s impossible to say that any point of his production lags behind the rest, he seems to always fire on all cylinders with everything working in harmony.  Glitched, dubbed, crunked, and swaged out to the limits of the purple universe, this is an artist that you have to respect not only for the pure power behind his tracks, but for how effortless he can make it all appear.  I haven’t checked out Slim Thugz just yet, but you know I will, just as you know I will be sharing more music from Profresher at every chance I get.

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