Sloppy Joe, A Manwich Of Bass

One common theme that I tend to find with dubstep producers -particularly in those who have yet to rise to more widespread acclaim- is an overabundance of remixes, mashups, and soulless smatterings of copy and paste “originals.”  This has never been the case with Houston’s “Sloppy” Joe Gonzalez.  Though he may occasionally fool around with someone else’s music, Joe seems dead set on creating something out of nothing – and he’s gotten exceedingly good at it.

Dedicating so much time to blazing a musical trail of his own has resulted in Sloppy Joe developing his own particular sound and style, but the great thing about this artist is that he simply never stops trying to improve upon himself and his tunes.  In his latest release, “Deep,” some of Joe’s signature sounds still come ringing through, but, on drawing from outside inspiration and pursuing creative fulfillment, he adopts a sound structure that is unique from his previous work.  Transitioning smoothly into drops and interweaving crisp percussion with synths that are both typical and entirely new, the end result is an exciting reinvigoration of everything I’ve come to expect from Joe.  Not fucking bad for a free release meant to commemorate hitting 300 “Likes” on his Facebook fan page, huh?  Take a listen to “Deep” below, take a download, and leave Joe some love.

Joe doesn’t just do this for a hobby.  Not only does he rock the decks around Houston, but he is also the founder of an international record label known as Synthician Records.  Seeing as how we neglected to bring you any news on the release of the free Synthician Records EP (aka Skank Out) we might as well share Joe’s contribution now.  As the track’s title, “Melody of Mourning,” implies, this tune was written in memoriam for a passed family member and close confidante.  Fittingly, this tune expresses a rage of emotions, but in the listener it only inspires one, pure joy – it might also inspire some neck pain after you rock out for a good four minutes.  Feel free to take a free download, but be sure you cop the rest of the EP too.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve shared Sloppy Joe’s music, and with a Boys Noize remix already waiting in the wings and another freebie coming up as a part of Synthician Records’ next release, we can pretty much guarantee that you’re going to see more Sloppy Joe here in the future.

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