The word of the day just so happens to be, “love.” That’s not only because in this this post, I plan to give a you a taste of the sweet measures owned by Denver’s own Jay Jaramillo, who I feel has entirely cornered the market of lovestep with a commanding superiority of style; but also as those four little letters accurately describe the emotion that thousands of pairs of ears (and the occasional van Gogh) from around the world feel for ProJect Aspect.

Jay’s mastery of this niche is nothing new, but that doesn’t mean that this trend is showing any signs of changing. His latest, “Pura Vida” is eight minutes long. This is surprising only as this is the kind of song that you can lose yourself in for what feels like hours, and that’s exactly what keeps happening to me as I write this. Jay threw everything at this one – we’re quite sure we came across the kitchen sink in there at least once. The resulting amalgamation of sounds makes this tune seem to travel through time in its own right, from to ancient, to the ass-kicking.

Pura Vida by ProJect Aspect

As we’re already journeying through time let’s go back a few months to the Project Aspect take on “Stereo Love.” For my money, this has to be the loveliest of Jay’s arsenal (though he does make it hard to choose). Also, as everybody loves free music and no ones’ sticky fingers are allowed on “Vida” yet, I had to share my happiness at seeing that the generous artist in question quite recently engaged the free download button on this jam. Listen, and help that download counter gain some speed.

Stereo Love by ProJect Aspect

Finally, I include “Night by Night” because it reminds me of college, and I think that’s reason enough.

Chromeo – Night By Night (Project Aspect RMX) 320 mp3 by ProJect Aspect

Don’t let this make you think that I’m prejudiced against the rest of the ProJect Aspect discography that falls outside of this realm. His remix catalog is strong in its own right. I particularly enjoyed his remix of 2Pac’s “Thugz Mansion” while going through his SoundCloud today, especially as I realized that the entire song is a ProJect Aspect original excepting Pac’s vocals. It is an important thing to make a note of how much pride Jay has in keeping his music as original as possible; its an effort we appreciate.

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