Rudebrat - Angel of Death RemixJake Bratrude, a lifelong instrumentalist and full time musician, is equally well versed in piano, bass, guitar, drums, and music production.  Originally hailing from Dublin (not the Irish one, the Californian one) Rudebrat now calls Santa Cruz his home, a locale that we have already proven to be obscenely and diversely full of production talent.  While studying at the University of California Rudebrat minored in electron music.  As a result his sounds have evolved from mental, aggressive, bass bombs to a more intelligent design that by all means still maintains the same level of ridiculously original intensity.  With a catalog of originals and remixes that runs the gamut from melodic to grimy and that handily carries over to his live presence, this raising artist is certainly one that you want to have on your radar.

Though this long time metalhead and participator in several bands of that persuasion originally had no taste for the dubstep, moombah, and edm that he now expertly creates, Rudebrat has recently managed to bring the best of these opposing worlds together.  Rudebrat took it upon himself to remix “Angel of Death,” one of the most notorious tracks of thrash metal’s most notorious band, Slayer.  In his remix, Rudebrat removed the vocals entirely, but one has to suspect that this was truly the best way to make this “deathstep” tune flesh out.  Chock full up of bad ass sampling, Slayer fans will easily recognize the band’s unmistakeable guitar riffs and drum licks.  Though the beat may be changed up somewhat, the percussion sounds true to the original’s form; Rudebrat does an excellent job of alternatively balancing Slayer’s sounds with his own original elements.  In any event, serious speakers or headphones are not just suggested, they are required for this rarely visited brand of dubstep.  Grab a free copy right here.

Gooffee Enter Sandman Remix

Gooffee, whose music we’ve shared with you in the past, is a production duo that hails from Toronto.  Not only is Gooffee our favorite musical threat to be found just north of the border, they are also our most preferred edm team in all of America’s Hat (also known to some as Canada).  Similarly to Rudebrat, Filip Janjos and Kolter Marles used to actively participate in metal bands – their bio leading one to believe that they both played guitar – and though they no longer shred, they continue to melt faces.  Although they tend to give dubstep a fairly wide berth, Gooffee handily creates everything from hip hop and trap to house and moombahton.  Whether the particular creation in question is meant to be bass heavy, ignite the dance floor, or both, Gooffee’s unmistakable synths and style mean that the guys are easily within their rights to brand their music in its own Goof-specific genre – for example, their remix of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” is very appropriately deemed “Goof House.”

As a part of a 90s remix EP that will also include The Proclaimers’ “500 miles” and Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time,” Gooffee have just dropped their remix of “Enter Sandman” from Metallica.  The production twosome took an almost exact opposite approach to their remix than Rudebrat did to his own.  Though they have sampled directly from “Enter Sandman,” a majority of the Gooffee remix appears to be original compositions as inspired by Metallica’s critically acclaimed hit.  By incorporating the vocals and matching their thoroughly gooffified sounds to the original’s basic sound design, Gooffee has reinvented the wheel in a way that will satisfy any metal/house lover or 90′s kid in general.  Its a rare thing to see metal finely executed with a club edge, but these guys have done it skillfully.  Click the “buy” link in the player and “like” the Gooffee fanpage to grab a copy of your own.

Just for fun, for further means of comparison, and for more free music take a listen to both of these artists’ take on Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”



There you have it, a nice smattering of free remixes.  It would be all too amazing to see these guys collaborate on some kind of metal remix in the future.

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