Shlump Criminal's Super Dope Bass Adventure

Sebastopol California’s Mike Petzel – perhaps better know as “Shlump Criminal” – doesn’t do much in the way of bragging about his production prowess, but this is only because the long time musician and guitarist allows his work to speak for him.  With his foray into the world of bass driven electronic music beginning around a year ago, Shlump has fully found his stride – or more accurately his strut – as every step he takes into the future is fluid, firmly footed, and prone to stomping out fresh headroom in his listeners’ ear holes.  His latest track, “Roll it Up” ties together his experience with everything glitchy, “lazer-crunky,” and bass heavy to a recent fascination with middle eastern sampling and sound design.  After cooking all these elements together, artist and listener are left with three and half minutes of concrete evidence that the left coast has yet another production threat not-so-patiently lurking underground.  Roll one up and listen, but be forewarned that you’re about to find yourself stuck on repeat.

We are also pleased to share with you “Floss,” which inspires both a great deal of re-listening, and a great deal of creativity in blog post title writing upon the discovery that the artist more than accurately describes his track as a “super dope bass adventure,”

and “Like This,”  that – after rediscovering this tune from a couple months ago – is a stylistic head nodder from start to finish.

Somewhere between the easy rockoutability of “Roll it Up,” the vocal effects on Weezy and Birdman on “Floss,” or the penetrating sampling and bass/lazer sounds of “Like This,” there is plenty of motivation to be had for taking  Shlump Criminal up on his offer to hand these tunes out for free and experience them in their intended quality.  Still, what seals the deal on this artist’s label of “undiscovered and awesome,” is the fact that he not only encourages you to take these jams off his hands  for free, but that he also released a 40 track album just a month ago – of course, Shlump Criminal Collections is also waiting to be yours for absolutely no charge.

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