I love Stylust Beats.  That’s barely an overstatement at all, Geoff “Stylust” Reich (Whose production alias used to confuse me into thinking this was a twosome) was one of the early discoveries I made on SoundCloud, and thus one of the first to convince me of the awesomeness of  the SoundCloud experience; he is therefore responsible in part for my largest e-addiction.  This kid is truly talented, he puts out amazing tunes – regardless what genre he chooses to produce under – and does it all, mixes, mashups, mixdowns… everything he touches is worth a listen.

Stylust proves my points for me with his latest track, “2012.”  Continually unafraid of the creative horizon, he once again steps into uncharted waters with this metalstep soundscape of the ever-so-near and less-certain-than-ever future.  Sinister yet guardedly hopeful, take a listen to “Good Vs. Evil” and fucking try to not listen to rest of this Vancouver based powerhouse’s arsenal.

STYLUST BEATS – 2012 (Good Vs. Evil){True Movement Records 2011} by Stylust Beats

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