Artist Update: Dwnsampla

Artist Update: Dwnsampla

Photo credit: Scott Howard

It’s been some time since we made an effort to keep you up to date with Dwnsampla, a Nor-Cal artist who is one of our closest musical allies and one of the most creative forces in the west coast bass music scene.  We haven’t forgotten about our homie, we were just waiting for the right time to jump back in with some support.  With a new EP on the way and a production contest to conquer, that time is now.

Let’s kick things off with something brand new from Dwnsampla.  The following five minutes feature a lot of the things I’ve come to expect from this artist -like glitchy, broken beats- and some new, pleasant surprises that should work well with the rest of his diverse arsenal -like allowing his polished leads to breathe and shine in unadulterated open space.  Altogether, this new favorite once again resets the standard for a collection of music that I celebrate for its consummately unique nature and ardent originality.

This track with no name should be enough to make Dwnsampla a shoe-in for success in this year’s Outlook Festival Producer Competition on it’s own, but if it isn’t, then pairing this jam with this producer’s attitude has to put him over the top.  Whether or not he’s participating in Outlook’s contest, this artist should be praised for his own indefinitely positive and optimistic outlook on life.  Eternally grateful not just to his ever growing fanbase, but to any artist or creative mind for simply existing, there could be no one better suited to win a trip to Outlook.  With vibes that match his disposition, Dwnsampla is more than worthy of the couple of seconds it takes to vote on his submission.  If you already have a SoundCloud account, all you have to do is follow this link and click on “like.” Of course, comments and all other kinds of love are taken into consideration as well so feel free to gush.

Oh yeah, remember that upcoming EP I mentioned?  Crunk Side Down will contain five previously unheard pieces of awesomeness.  Though the label that will inevitably release it hasn’t been determined yet, keep your eyes peeled for it starting in June.  Expect a busy summer in general for Dwnsampla as he has a second EP in the works as well as pressing some fresh vinyl; he’s also teamed up with some killer musicians to found his own record label, “Full Crate Records,” so the sky is truly the limit for 2012.  ’Sampla’s contest submission is also a preview track for Crunk Side Down, but you wouldn’t know that unless you were told.  Respect the production skills and peep it below.

The main point to this post was to motivate some people to vote, but since we’re already here, we might as well take a quick look at what else Dwnsampla has been up to since we first introduced him to you some six months ago.

One of the things that I like most about Dwnsampla is that he knows for a fact that hip hop is truly not dead.  This is evidenced by his other most recent work, a remix of Mr. Lif and Thievery Corporations’ “Culture of Fear.”  Though his alternations are minimal, they are still potent.  Most noticeable in this remix is a downplaying of the original’s plucky bass line and an up-playing of Sampla’s girthy hoover-sytle bass.  While some of the brass is removed, Lif’s verses continue to take center stage and that’s the real point.

To my disappointment, this next hip hop infused stomper dropped right after I worked on spreading the Dwnsampla gospel the first time.  Featuring DS on the mix, Lostpoet, Science, and Knowledge-One on the mic, this one is a true celebration of the strength of underground music.  Though none of the artists involved on this one are very well known in the mainstream, “Light2thaDark” delivers on both sides of the ball with some intensely on point production and brilliantly delivered lyrics.  Dwnsampla is one of those artists who continually outdoes himself; this tune held the title of my personal favorite for about a month until the next DS upload claimed the crown.

Despite being a few months old, “Dark Spark” continues to be my favorite Dwnsampla creation to date.  Some sexy backwards guitar, a sickeningly adventurous melody, and the absolute destruction of the decks by DJ BePhilp make this collaborative effort with Stizreth nothing less than an epic.  There is honestly too much that could said about this track in terms of praise, so I choose to bow out here and let the tune do the talking for me.

One of my longest standing musical fascinations is with trip hop.  As you might gain from my praise of Dwnsampla in general, I am inclined to enjoy unconventional tweeks to the otherwise customary, so whenever I see the artist in question offer up his take on “tripstep,” I nearly salivate at the chance to press play.  To indulge my more off the wall musical tastes and to give anyone in the mood to get weird a chance at a free download I include the otherworldly “Cryptic Embrace.”  I’ve played this one more times than makes sense even to myself; I tend to get totally lost in this one.

When we get a look at Dwnsampla’s EP, Crunk Side Down I’m sure we’ll let you know what we think; when we find out where Dwnsampla finishes in the Outlook Contest, we will be sure to let you know about it.  For the time being, go check out the rest of this guy’s work and respect that his message and our message are one in the same.  To quote the artist, “Just be cool and treat each other with respect, keep headz bangin, backside’s movin’, and it’s all good.”

Please take a second to vote for Dwnsampla in Outlook’s Producer Competition

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Sharing is Caring

The aim of this post is to highlight some of the artists who have sent me free music or have sent me their music to check out.

I’m supposed to split posts like this into several, smaller posts, and maybe I will later, but for now you’re stuck with what you get.  Anyway, I make it a point to share around the music that I enjoy, especially if the artist himself was a nice enough guy to come to me and ask me to check it out and spread the word if I see fit.  This is not an invitation to spam me, I get plenty of that and I am very good at ignoring it, but I do encourage people to send me their tunes.  What follows will be a brief look at a some of the guys who have floated their music my way; please be kind enough to listen to to their work as all of them seem like nice enough doods.


Structure sent a preview track to me recently (though I realize I was far from the only one to get the link) of a remix that I enjoyed.  Really, the purpose of this message seems to be to remind his listeners that Structure has an EP in the works for the end of August which I am more than ready to acquire – you’ll be right there with me by the end of this post.

Former Bostonian and current Atlantian Stephen Dunn is an all around musical force.  He has a great deal of talent in production, DJ’ing, and at spinning the turntables – which I think is always amazing to see and is all too rare today.  I’m choosing not to include the track he sent to everyone as it is a preview as there are other songs I’d prefer to put up first.

Structure_Got Skillz?_Original_FREE 320 Drumstep DOWNLOAD!!! by Structure

I don’t think I can count as high as the number of times I’ve played this one.  This little promo mixdown does its job, it proves that Structure does indeed have skillz and leaves you permanently hooked on his music.  This song is particularly sweet to me as I feel like the turntablist aspect to the dude’s tunes is pretty obvious here.  After listening to this you’ll realize that this isn’t a talent that needs support from my lame, blogging ass, but he’s still a very friendly guy who appreciates his listeners, so go get appreciated.  The break/build into the second drop is fucking beast!  Grab your free 320!

The Clave Sexy Robot(Structure Dubstep Rmx) Exclusive Beatport Release!!! by Structure

This is a remix of a banging tune from The Clave.  I enjoyed the shit out the original version (despite it being house centric) and found that Structure’s remix surpassed the original in terms of ass kicking, but maybe loses the heart of the jam a little.  In any event, enjoy the music, some of which is free, and tell Structure to send me more freebies haha!  Oh, and check out that EP, its gonna slay your facial.

* Update – Writing this blog made me go back and check Structure out all over again.  His breakbeat is fantastic and his mixes rock serious ass, you could spend a full day on this page alone!  I still can’t believe this is true, but apparently imgood is the first non label affiliated blog to share Stephen’s music around.  Needless to say we’re very pleased to have found this sleeping giant before anyone one else.  Keep it locked here for more Structure!

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Beni Barca

Beni Barca, aka DGYGZR (at least as far as I understand it) is someone who I literally have just come in contact with.  I got a message from him out of the blue recently forwarding me to a riddim/beat he made and was offering up for free.  I enjoyed the beat so I decided to check out this NY based producer’s music and so far I’m liking what I hear.  I’m no rapper, but I know a few, let’s see what the Lavish Republic stable of performers think of this beat.

DGYGZR – Open Sesame Riddim by Beni Barca

Shakira feat. Pitbull – Rabiosa (DGYGZR is Crazy Remix) by Beni Barca

More than just beats, I’ve found some quality remixes going down on this page.  What’s more, nearly everything of Beni’s seems to be available for free.  I don’t know much about beats, and some of these tunes lean a little too far towards pop for me, but I look forward to following Beni and hearing more of what he has to offer.

Beni on the web

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Beni on SoundCloud


Don’t mean this as a slight to anyone else, but sharing Skepsist’s music is easily the most exciting part of this post for me.  I’ve been following Ian Ocean, who currently resides in Utah, for a while now.  I was privileged to sign into my SoundCloud one day and find a track from Ian in my “exclusive tracks” tab.  The second best part of this was that the avatar for the song he sent was the same cartoon of Oscar Gamble that I use as my SoundCloud profile picture.  The best part of this was that the song was fucking awesome.  Since then he has released amazing tune after amazing tune and I’ve found myself very lucky to seemingly be one of the few who have discovered his music.  I know you will enjoy these songs – its not really an option to dislike them – the question is, can you resist telling a friend, or at least your mom?  Seriously though, check these out and go from skepsist to believer.

Helena by Skepsist

Some people I know get all mad that I typically don’t like house music.  Well, too fucking bad you dicks.  If I do like house its either really well done or its progressive, this is both.  This post made me go back and listen to Ian’s house songs that I previously wrote off just because they were house; writing them off was a mistake, as Skepsist’s latest release will show you.

The Hunter by Skepsist

Bad ass. Griming.  Other dubstep adjectives.  You in my house motherfucker.

MK- Ultra by Skepsist

This is my favorite Skepsist creation.  It stomps and features some excellent clippage from The Matrix.  By now you love this guy’s music, so mission accomplished on my part.  If Play Me Records won’t toss him a release soon, Reid is clearly off her rocker.

Skpesist on Facebook

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Billy Webber Remixes

As the name should imply, you will find a bunch of remixes on Billy’s page.  In his quest for listenership Billy has sent me a few songs.  While preoccupied with a more typical dubstep sound early on, he has progressed into changing, adapting, and creating a specific sound of his own.  It can be pretty fun to listen to artists experiment , especially when they have a firm grasp on production and a decent vision of the sound they are attempting to reach.  I will present you with an older track, still available for download it you follow the links, and his most recent work, it will be up to you to go fill in the middle part with your own ears.

Adele – Someone Like You (Billy Webber Remix) – Click BUY for free download by Billy Webber Remixes

Rizzle Kicks – Down With The Trumpets (Billy Webber Remix) by Billy Webber Remixes

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I still remember falling on this SoundCloud page for the first time.  I was blown away by the atypical style of production and off the wall creations that this pseudonymous producer comes up with.  There isn’t too much I know about the guy other than his brief bio – he’s straight westcoastin’ and music makin’.  Other than this I’ve come to see that he, like myself, is a general appreciator of music.  Dwnsampla is even a little more appreciative than myself, he is very forthcoming with praise and thanks for people like myself who do little else but listen to and share music.  Anyone who is going to thank me for doing something I’m passionate about – especially as I haven’t shared his music up until this point – is a good guy in my book.

The Message 100% DS-Mix/GM Flash & The Furious Five by Dwnsampla

I found a lot of breakbeat stuff on SoundCloud over the weekend, but this was easily the cream of that crop.  This is a hip hop classic turned on its head, but its soul still remains intact.  Take a listen.

BASS STEPPA by Dwnsampla

This was definitely the tune to sell me on this SoundCloud page.  The bass is throaty and the song is robotic all around – and its still up for download.  Crazy interesting sounds and listens are abound on this page, and our ears give thanks.

Dwnsampla on SoundCloud because that’s the only link I have for the dude!


I choose to end this share session here, with Coniferous.  Will Zinski is from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is 21, puts together mixes and mashups, and of these guys included in this post, has made the most progress in production since I first came in contact with him.  Coniferous is a dedicated listener and music appreciator; as I am one of those myself, I welcome the chance to help him find listeners.  Check out the two tunes to follow.

Eazy-d ( Eazy-E vs. Cloud-d ) by Coniferous

I’m both an Easy E and Cloud-d fan, but putting the two together would never have occurred to me.  The result is pretty seriously cool.

Coniferous – Like A Doctor ( Slim Thug vs NastyNasty ) by Coniferous

Slim Thug’s “Like a Boss” and NastyNasty’s “Doctor” join forces in this absolute banger of a mashup.  I have no problem in saying that this is my most favorite of Coniferous’ work, it’s both his latest attempt, and his most seamless mashup yet.  NastyNasty has been absolutely blowing me away with his latest uploads, and I’m confident that Coniferous will as well.  With a musical background that has a taste for good hip hop, and ear for heavy synths and bass mashups like this really hit the spot. I know a bunch of cool mashup guys on SoundCloud, so you’ll see more of this kind of music in the future.

Not posted are any of Coniferous’ mixes, which have been pretty solid recently, and are recommended listening.

Coniferous on SoundCloud




There you have it, the first installment of selections from people who have sent me their music either to listen to or to own.  I will be doing this again as there are others who have sent me music who deserve some showcasing and I hope more people will continue to send me their music.  I don’t promise you any blog activity, but if I like what I hear it should be pretty hard for me to resist sharing.  The best way to get a hold of me for that purpose is to contact me on SoundCloud.  Thanks for reading, for listening, and for living life lavish.