tree feat. Shelf Nunny - This Is Separation (Bleep Bloop Remix)

Quiz time – how can you guarantee that a song will still ooze creative brilliance after being remixed and generally tampered with?  Well, you trust it to hands of a mastermind like Nor-Cal’s Bleep Bloop… but, it also doesn’t hurt to start with an original track from our favorite young artist on the rise, the nefarious tree.

The treemix that Mr. Bloop chose to undertake is a tune called “This is Separation.”  This off the wall genre bender once again features Shelf Nunny and lyrics that seem to detail the guarded hope that is eventually gained with trying to come to grips with an unexpected ending.  The original sits at around 80 bpm and Bleep Bloop’s version cranks things down to 70.  By adding a crunchy beat, some bitty effects, a lot of playing around with/reversing/chopping the vocals, and changing the placement of Nunny’s guitar licks, the Bloopster accomplishes what he set out the achieve – a totally different atmosphere.  From optimistic to tragic, I think tree describes this remix best by calling it a “spooky version.”  Put your ears onto the non-spooky version here, and then get creepy below.

When I first came across Bleep Bloop he was primarily concerned with crunk and funk, which suited my ears just fine.  Since that time, I’m unashamed to say that a lot of what he creates is just a little bit too abstract for me to get my head around.  Still, I listen to everything he puts out because I always find it refreshing to hear something different, and let’s face it, music is boring as hell these days.  Having said that I have to admit to overlooking some serious, serious tunes the first time they came around (listening to a guy’s work over and over again because you’re writing about him will do that for you) that were more than worthy of the favorite button – the aptly titled “Trapped in Oakland,” and his remixes of “I Know” and “Black Irish” are some of these standouts.

It seems that Bleep Bloop is on a mission to never create the same sounds twice, and he’s succeeding.  This particular artist describes his music much better than I ever could myself, so if you’ve ever been curious to know what, “bass dipped in liquid question marks and rolled in lazers” sounds like, or how, “swans reflecting elephants” would sound, or if you’re a musical masochist who would be curious to hear, “the noise your face makes when it drips off,” then this is the producer for you.  Here’s the last Bleep Blooper to totally floor my ass before his “Separation” remix came around; it’s free, just like all of his work.

tree was well on his way to blowing up in exceptional fashion when we shared some of his music with you last time, but I’m very pleased to be able to say, “I told you so” in regards to his inevitable success.  tree recently licensed four of his songs to MTV -yes, it’s very surprising that anyone at MTV has any taste for real music- including the excellent “People,” that we dropped last time, and the new smash “Stuck Down the Wrong Rabbit Hole,” which we will include below.  The fun doesn’t stop there however; he is also working on shopping his music to media giant Viacom, so keep your ears peeled for his unmistakable voice and style on a treeV near you.  The best part of all of this is is that our humble homie doesn’t even own a TV.

I’ll resist the urge to rave about tree’s music once again, but I will strongly encourage you to check out his latest offerings that aren’t “This is Separation,” “Universal,” and “Stuck Down the Wrong Rabbit Hole,” as included below (note the over 20,000 plays on that last one).

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