New York City’s Liam Dirlam is a jack of all trades, and his musical project, VOODOO FARM, is dead set on proving it.  A perusing of his SoundCloud page shows that, as a DJ and producer, VOODOO dabbles in almost every color of the electronic rainbow; what’s more, even a brief listening session will easily prove he is obviously proficient in them all – truly there is no genre that VOODOO FARM is afraid of.  Also a visual artist and filmmaker, VOODOO creates an original video track to accompany all of his musical creations; on this front, anything added to Youtube is either handily animated or is a full on, jaw-droppingly professional music video, or both –  I subscribe to less than 15 Youtube pages, and this is one of them.

The first VOODOO FARM tune that we choose to share with you is his Liam’s latest.  Many consider covers or remixes of The Beatles to be nothing short of blasphemous; even to those of us who consider ourselves partial to both history’s most notorious rock and roll band and to the the contemporary’s most bastardized musical form (dubstep of course) can find fucking with the classics a pretty bitter pill to swallow.  For me, I can get quite thoroughly down on these kind of remixes if they don’t ruin the original – basically if I feel the remix could stand on its own as an instrumental it qualifies as dope – and seeing as how VOODOO decided to take on a remix of my favorite Beatles song of all time only to have it shared here, I obviously find VOODOO FARM’s “A Day in the Life remix” to be a success.  Heavy and vocally chopped, this is my favorite remix of this tune other than ProBiotiK’s (one half of Love and Light) attempt; hell, outside of 4center’s (the other half of Love and Light) “Elanor Rigby remix” VOODOO’s is the best Beatles remix that I’ve heard to date.  Check it out below and feel free to compare, contrast, and revel in some free downloads.


Jay-Z and Kayne West might not fit the realm of “classics” like The Beatles and The Doors (coming up next) do, but their song “Niggas in Paris” certainly got huge.  This song has been remixed by a lot of producers (big and small) and there are only a couple of remixes I can point to that I like only slightly more than this one.  Still, my most recent visit to VOODOO FARM’s page impressed me for two reasons: first, I noticed that all of VOODOO’s music to date have been remixes – no big deal, but we look forward to the potential of original music in the future – and second, I noticed that “Niggas in Paris” has garnered over 75,000 plays.  Assuming that the play counter is correct… that shit cray.  With some excellent changes to the melody and wild percussion elements, this remix deserves every set of ears it has reached.  After taking in the track that will apparently transport VOODOO FARM from a no name to a big name, be sure to grab yourself a download here as the download limit on SoundCloud has been eclipsed.

Jay-Z & Kanye West – Niggas In Paris (VOODOO FARM DUBSTEP REMIX) by VOODOO FARM

A psychology class in high school once taught me that I pretty heavily associate the auditory with memory.  Though “People are Strange” is not necessarily included, a few of my earliest concrete memories are tied directly to the music of The Doors.  Taking cues from my dad, The Doors were the first band (or the first of anything musical) that I fell in love with; decades have passed and my musical preferences are now primarily rooted in a spectrum that is totally opposed to classic rock, but VOODOO FARM’s remix – remaining true to the original’s form and adding deep, full bass lines – brings all those memories back.  This is the most I’ve enjoyed a Door’s song since being a kid; VOODOO’s remix won my heart on its own, but his music video captures a depth of emotion and meaning that can easily be lost to the naked ear alone.  Like everything else created by VOODOO FARM, the artist kindly offers this remix and video entirely for free.

The best advice you’re going to get all day is this: Visit VOODOO FARM’s SoundCloud and Youtube, unless you don’t enjoy having your socks musically blown off.

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