Charles “ZeroPointOne” Wootten currently hails from Reno and is particularly adept at blending heavy bass lines with stunning, sparkling ambience.  While some of his work is more exclusively heavy and some is light, ZeroPoint’s originals and remixes tend to find a surprisingly well balanced and well oiled harmony between these two divergent styles of sound. DJ’ing and producing professionally for several years, this artist’s music is known to a fair amount of people, but has not yet received anything near the level of exposure that he deserves.  Consistently bringing new songs to the table, most of which are offered up for free, ZeroPointOne very rarely disappoints.  A member of local production and promotion group Bass Union, ZeroPoint is also the older brother of Lemonie Snicket, who we briefly shared with you when he was creating music as Liberal President.

With a fresh focus and determined attitude, ZeroPoint’s recent work has improved on what is already an impressive and diverse collection of music.  Here’s a quick look at some of his recent tunes.

ZeroPointOne’s remix of Mum’s “We Have a Map of the Piano” shows off this producer’s softer and more technical side.  Although it is mellow from front to back, complicated drums, claps that are both moist and sharp, glitchy synths and deep bass hits make this track thoroughly complicated.  Obviously noteworthy aspects to this lovestep tune are melt-worthy vocal effects and chops as well as the occasional rolling snare that captures all of your ears’ attention.  Every element of “Map” works in perfect unison; from sampling to original leads and bass, an excellent beat, and everywhere in between.  The only shame about this track is that it is not available for free download – at least not yet.

“Planets” proves that ZeroPoint’s midi-chlorian count is high.  Introduced by a clip from Star Wars, “Planets” features a spacey melody, some very hungry sounding bass, and a percussion kit that has some really fine hats and cymbals.  The artist gets credit for avoiding further samples from the movie and choosing to narrate a genocidal spacescape of his own.  With a break, d&b style beat and deep, subby elements, this tune is a triumph, especially in its later half.  The Force is truly strong with this free track.

“What Have We Become” is a fantastic change of pace to some trip hoppy ambient house.  A thoughtful beat and intelligent synth work make this track.  Deep, rolling bass counteracts chiming leads in a tune that progressively bores into your mind as it builds and carries on.  Some appropriate grainy effects and an incredible amount of work in the background make for an entirely captivating track. Forthrightly warm and analog, “What Have We Become” seems to come directly out of the Boards of Canada playbook.  Take a free download of this one and fill your head.

Though these things are difficult to judge with an artist who continually improves upon his best work, ZeroPoint’s remix of “Wings” is easily one of my most favorite of this producer’s songs to date.  Originally a hip hop track, ZeroPoint’s remix eliminates a majority of the original vocals, samples from and reworks Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ orchestral break and uses it as his intro, and makes the chorus that is originally shoved into the outro into the primary feature for this spine-tingling rework.  Chopped and reversed vocal samples make this a fun listen, as do ZeroPointOne’s simple but incredibly effective synth progression.  Again, this track is not up for free just yet which is too bad because I’d love to get a chance to hear those 8 bit sounds that appear early on in full quality.

Finally, we leave you with ZeroPointOne’s most played track on SoundCloud.  His remix of Telepopmusik’s “Breathe” manages to improve on a song that is already a personal favorite from the beginning of the century.  Rife with glitchy goodness, carried by a spot on beat, and peppered with keys and leads that work in chilled unison with diverse samples and bass synths, it is difficult not to play this song as loud as your stereo will allow.  Though nearly five minutes in length, a listening session with this tune can easily go on for five times as long as this song seduces you into repeating it over and over again.  While this may explain the amount of plays “Breathe” as managed to garner, the listener should also be aware that this one is available for free download and the sizable .wav file that can be acquired from the player below is all but guaranteed to bump, boom, bang its way into your heart, head, and onto your mp3 player.

While we went much more in depth with ZeroPoint than we did with Lemonie Snicket, I have to assure you that younger brother Cruz’s music is just as well versed.  Splitting time between hip hop and dubstep projects, both of these guys deserve respect for their work.  Though I first heard “Magical Mexico” almost a year ago it has never left my head and continually gets re-added to my phone and playlists for the road.  Hats off to the Woottens.

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